Camera with computer code to the left side of it
  • Hey there, I'm Duncan, a 23 year old developer from The Netherlands.
  • I primarily focus on developing server side applications in Java, Kotlin, PHP or Python.
  • Occasionally I create websites with html, (s)css and javascript as well.
  • My past and current projects are displayed in my portfolio or my GitHub profile.
Duncan Sterken

Project sample

A laptop with code

Oengus.io Oengus.io

Oengus (pronounced Angus) is a free tool to manage your speedrunning marathons from submissions to schedule, available as a hosted service.

DuncteBot DuncteBot

DuncteBot is a multipurpose discord bot that contains features like music and moderation

Ghostbot (website) Ghostbot (website)

Ghostbot is a discord bot that is themed around the Danny Phantom cartoon